Mon, Jan 24, 2011
The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network
Air Force to get bird's-eye view of 'UFO' trails

INDONESIA - Indonesian Air Force chief Marshall Imam Sufaat on Monday instructed his staff to use a helicopter to take aerial photographs of crop circles discovered on Sunday in Krasakan hamlet, Sleman, with residents alleging them to be traces of a UFO.

"If we examine the photographs, we will possibility see if the patterns were in fact created with powers beyond human knowledge," Imam said as quoted by tempointeraktif.com, on the sidelines of the Air Force commander meeting in Yogyakarta.

Imam, however, declined to comment further on the geometric pattern.

The crop circles are in a paddy field and resemble a geometric artwork, while the other parts of the field remain untouched.

The patterns were first reported by a farmer, Tukiman, on Sunday at 6 a.m.

The pattern has already drawn hordes of locals and people from outside Yogyakarta, causing traffic jams in the vicinity.

- The Jakarta Post / Asia News Network




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