IdeaPad is more than up to scratch

Lenovo IdeaPad U300e ultrabook

An ultrabook is usually a light, fast, powerful and affordable notebook - minus the optical drive.

And Lenovo's U300e IdeaPad fits the bill.

It is 18mm thick (not one of the thinnest in the market, though), weighs 1.58kg and comes with an Intel second- generation Core i5 processor.

Storage is on a 500GB Sata drive - with an option of 32GB SSD to speed up Windows 7 - and 4GB memory is standard.

Battery life is estimated at seven hours, which is very good.

And the keyboard has a breathable membrane to promote air flow and cooler operating temperature.

The competition in this growing segment of the laptop market is hotting up.

Expect more exciting offerings in the months to come.

How much: $1,499 (regular price); $1,299 (from now to March 7)

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