Celeb style comes to Robinsons
Fri, Oct 29, 2010
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By Joy Fang

TODAY'S shoppers are a savvy bunch, which is why fashion stores are constantly seeking out brands that will capture the market.

Retail giant Robinsons may be on the money with two new brands - British fashion label Lipsy and leading Italian fashion brand List. The brands were introduced in stores this month.

Fashion consumers are always looking for new brands to evolve their personal styles, said Ms Donna Chua, general manager for group marketing services in The Robinson Group.

The department store, which has outlets in The Centrepoint and Raffles City Shopping Centre, brought in four labels under Korean fashion house The Basic House in June.

Lipsy and List, which retail exclusively at Robinsons, have a "keen eye on the latest runway trends, interpreting them with much gusto and personality", according to Ms Chua.

Lipsy, a relatively new kid on the block, was launched in London in 2008. The label's preppy and playful style is quickly gaining a cult status, with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Lily Allen and Kelly Rowland among its fans.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have also been seen donning the label's threads, and rising songstress Pixie Lott is its brand ambassador.

"With its girly designs and fun styles, Lipsy's trendiness ups the ante on feminine playfulness while allowing you to channel your inner romance," noted Ms Chua.

Ms Sallyrose Feigin, sales director for Lipsy, said the brand believes young Singaporean women will love Lipsy for its eye-catching party outfits.

"Our designs are strong and bold, and are sure to be conversation-starters," she said.

Calling Robinsons "the local fashion hotspot", Ms Feigin said the brand chose the store because it was impressed by its "devotion to bring in new insights and set higher benchmarks for the local retail scene".

While Lipsy presents a perky, edgy offering to British fashion - perfect for the girlish, youthful woman - List is more ideal for the glamorous diva, with its latest chic styles fresh off the catwalks of Milan.

The brand gives off a vibe of elegance by "balancing romance and glamour with curves and geometry", empowering women with a strong Italian sense of fashion, beauty and glamour, said Ms Chua.

List believes in quiet yet powerful sophistication, said Ms Barbara Somogyiova, director of international sales at List Fashion Group, based in Rome.

She added: "Fashion is an expression of your unique personality, which is why List is so well-loved by women. Our clothes give their wearers greater presence and confidence."

The luxury brand, which opened its first store in Rome in 1996, is looking to expand to Asian markets, including Singapore.

Lipsy fan Elise Chua, 30, is delighted to hear that the brand has finally arrived on our shores.

"I really like their style - it is feminine, yet not overly sweet," said the marketing manager.

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