Women's group lauds efforts to curb underage prostitution

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Committee for UN Women has lauded the Singapore government's efforts to fight underage prostitution. It referred to the recent filing of charges in court against 48 men for obtaining paid sex from an underage girl.

In a statement released today, the non-profit group, formerly known as Unifem Singapore, says it is heartened by "the government’s commitment to curb such activities and protect vulnerable young people from exploitation".

"These laws place the onus on adults to act responsibly, lawfully and refrain from engaging in undesirable acts, especially with minors," said the statement. 

The group also said added that it supports the Attorney-General's Chambers’ decision to impose a gag order to prevent external parties from revealing the identity of the girl involved.

So far, 48 men have been charged in court for paying for sex with an underage prostitute. The accused include civil servants, high  flyers in the finance industry, and other notable figures.

The underage prostitute, now known as Miss XXX, is believed to be a Singaporean student.

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