Sun, Feb 06, 2011
Teacher had sex with five students

MASON, OHIO - A gym teacher has been charged with having sex with five of her underaged students.

Stacy Shuler, a 32-year-old high school gym teacher at Mason High School, had sexual relations with five students over the same number of months from August to December. Most of them were football players at the school.

Shuler, whose duties included working as an athletic trainer for the school's girls and boys sports teams, also bought them alcohol.

A school spokesperson said that the teacher was placed under investigation after an anonymous tip to school officials.

If convicted, Shuler could face up to 81 years in jail if she is convicted of having sexual relations with underaged persons.

The Daily Mail reported the school principal as saying that the school would not tolerate behavior that was detrimental to the safety and well-being of the students.

She also said that the Ohio Department of Education was expected to tell the Mason Board of Education to suspend Shuler without pay.

Shuler last faced disciplinary action in 2007 for allowing two of her students to miss classes.



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