Coma survivor gets scholarship, Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal award

SINGAPORE - Every painful step he takes reminds him to be the best he can be - a lesson etched in his mind after an accident that left doctors wondering if he would walk again.

Just two years ago, Mr Arshad Supa'at was riding his motorcycle home after his shift as a food delivery man, when a lorry knocked him down.

His left thigh was pinned underneath the lorry's wheels, before he was extricated. The accident left him in a coma for two days.

The Jalan Kayu accident forced him to miss his business studies course at ITE College Bishan for six months as he underwent physiotherapy and multiple skin grafts.

His four-member family took a financial hit since he was the main breadwinner. His dad was recovering from a heart attack while his mum was working as a parking attendant then.

He has a younger sister, now 21.

On Wednesday evening, Mr Arshad, 25, was awarded the prestigious, bond-free SP-ITE Scholarship by Singapore Polytechnic. He was shortlisted for his outstanding academic results and co-curricular activities.

This included being the best speaker at the Inter-College ValidITE Business Debate last year. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal award this year.

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