Caltex offers discounts and giveaways for National Day

Caltex is offering discounted fuel and Star Cash giveaways this National Day.

Starting from Aug 9, Caltex will reward motorists through a 47-day promotion that takes place in two phases with opportunities to win prizes and save with discounted fuel.

"At Caltex, we're all about bringing our customers the best fuel, service, facilities and of course, fun! It's about being able to celebrate and reward wonderful occasions such as Singapore's National Day and this promotion is our way of saying Happy Birthday, and thank you to all our loyal customers in Singapore for their longstanding loyalty," said John Sam, Caltex Retail Manager, Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd.

The first phase involves rewarding all motorists that visit Caltex stations with a special one-day discount.

Starting at five per cent, motorist and Caltex fans will have the option of increasing this special discount offered by going online and 'liking' the Caltex Singapore Facebook page at

As the number of likes increases to 11,000 fans, the discounts will also grow.

The second phase sees one lucky motorist standing to win a $100 StarCash voucher every hour for the next 46 days.

For the opportunity to win, motorists must pump a minimum of $50 on fuel at a predetermined Caltex station of the hour.

To find out what stations these are, check the Caltex Singapore Facebook page one day beforehand for the chosen stations.

Another part of the second phases will see sixteen winners daily with one winner selected every hour from 7am to 11pm.

Caltex says all you have to do is submit your memorable journeys and stand to win $100 StarCash vouchers.

Each week, Caltex will post a question on their Facebook page about an enjoyable journey.

Submit your answer, and fans can vote for their favourite stories.

The top 10 voted submissions will win a $100 StarCash voucher each week.

This promotional period is from Aug 10 to Sep 24.

For more information on Caltex and current promotions visit

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