Woman who found maggots in Qantas snack speaks up

IT IS the last thing you would expect to find in your airplane snack bag.

On board a Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Sydney on April 2, 42-year-old Victoria Cleven got a nasty surprise in her mid-flight snack - live maggots!

While the cabin lights were dimmed and everyone else was sleeping, she reached out for her packet of trail mix - which contains dried fruit, grains and nuts - and began chewing on it, only to taste something "soggy" and "squishy".

To her horror, she found maggots in the packet. She began crying after realising what she had put in her mouth.

She picked up her camera phone and shot a video, which she shared with RightThisMinute. The Australia-based production company conducted an exclusive interview with her over Skype.

Cleven, who was travelling with her 15-year-old son, said she was disappointed with how the airline handled the matter.

18 hours after she left the flight, no one from the airline contacted her. So she proceeded to call the snack providers, the Sydney Biscuit Company.

Her attempts were futile as the food company; they said the problem was with the Qantas warehouse where the snacks were being stored.

"It was like no one was taking any responsibility," said Cleven.

Ever since last week's incident, Cleven also said that she has not been eating well. "I have had this horrible feeling in my stomach," she said.

"I'm finding it very difficult to put things in my mounth at the moment," she added.

However, the airline has since told Cleven that they would compensate her half of the price of her ticket and give her one-time access to Qantas' longue.

Watch this video for the full interview:


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