Baby wallabies arrive in time for Night Safari's new trail

From left: a parma wallaby and its joey, a Bennett's wallaby and its joey.

SINGAPORE - The Night Safari recently welcomed the birth of four baby wallabies, a few weeks ahead of the opening of their new home.

The birth of the Bennett's and parma joeys - two of each species - is a first for the Night Safari since their arrival in January.

The two species are also the first of their kind to be seen in Singapore.

The Bennett's and parma wallabies are members of the macropod family which include marsupials like kangaroos and tree-kangaroos. The parma wallaby is one of the smallest of the wallabies, measuring up to a length of 45-55cm excluding its tail, and a body weight of up to 6kg.

When the new Wallaby Trail opens on August 17, visitors will be able to see the baby wallabies first hand and discover other wildlife species at the trail from the Australasian region.

The trail also includes a free-ranging exhibit which allows visitors to walk amongst the wallabies. Other animals in this exhibit include Australia's native bird, the tawny frogmouth, and the white-lipped python from Papua New Guinea.

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