This clever toothbrush turns tap water into a fountain

SAN FRANCISCO - Brushing your teeth can be tricky sometimes - at least, when it comes to rinsing your mouth.

Unless you use a cup to collect water to rinse your mouth, you would usually duck your head under the tap, or scoop up water with your palm.

Here's where a gadget called the Rinser Brush might come in useful, noted technology-news website Digital Trends.

The Rinser Brush has a built-in scoop that pushes water from your tap upwards, creating a drinking-fountain effect that helps with the rinsing process, said the website.

Want to clean your brush?

Just release the fountain button to disable the feature.

The Rinser Brush is still a prototype, though pre-orders for the item are being accepted - at US$22 (S$28) per piece.

The brush will reach consumers who order now by November, said Digital Trends.

Product maker Scott Amron, of Amron Experimental, has thought of the product's lifespan, too. Instead of buying a new toothbrush every few months, one can buy replaceable, detachable heads, allowing users to keep the Rinser Brush wand, according to Digital Trends.

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