Review: Canon EOS 650D

The new Canon EOS 650D dSLR will only be in the market this Friday but Izwan Ismail gets a chance to fiddle with it first.

Being a photography enthusiast, I am always looking forward to the day when consumer level DSLR comes with features and functionalites close to the pro-sumer ones.

Well, that day has come with Canon´s latest consumer DSLR, the EOS 650D, which it claims to offers the features of a pro-sumer level camera at a fraction of the price. According to Canon, it´s a replacement model for the soon-to-be discontinued EOS 550D.

Light and Easy

When it comes to DSLR, one of my first criteria is whether I like the feel of the body. I had tested and reviewed the EOS 600D and was pleased by how it felt in the hand and its performance as well. The 650D feels more or less the same. If I peel off the 650D label, it looks identical or almost similar to the 600D, just with the higher 18 megapixel resolution.

Being a consumer level DSLR, it means the 650D is lighter than the high-end models, which makes it suitable for carrying around.

Based on just holding the 650D, I believe the body is made of the same material as the 600D, which is polycarbonate resin casing with a matte black finish. It still feels plasticky to me, but hey... this is a consumer level camera, not a semi-pro or pro.

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