Touch and Go

What are the new features that make the 650D, targeted at advanced beginners, a worthy buy? Plenty! Canon has boosted some of the main features such as the LCD panel, processor, speed, video and some built-in photo-processing software.

It still maintains the popular three-inch vari-angle 1.04 million dot LCD, but this time, the screen is a touch panel - meaning you can operate the camera without pushing any of the usual buttons.

It´s a function quite common in many high-end point-and-shoot cameras, but among the first in the DSLR range.

Frankly, I feel a little skeptical about this new feature as a DSLR is not like a point-and-shoot camera. My worry is that the touch screen will jumble up the settings when it touches my cheek as I look into the viewfinder.

But this is not the case as Canon has placed a small sensor just above the viewfinder that automatically shuts off the screen if the camera is an inch from your face.

There are many things you can do with the touch screen panel, apart from viewing pictures with a slide of your thumb. By pressing the Q button just beside the LCD, you get to control the menu and features. This is a plus one to the cool factor!

Touch the screen to focus on your subject and once the subject is locked, the camera will automatically take the shot in live view mode. You can also control the white balance and adjust the colour output through the touch screen and see the effect live before you shoot.

Two new options included in the camera are the Art Bold and Water Painting filters in the menu. With this camera, you can produce creative pictures without the help of software like Photoshop.

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