Review: Resident Evil's Raccoon City

Returning to Racoon City is not a new theme for Resident Evil. But what if you're siding with the bad guys instead and must work to clear up the good name of The Umbrella Corporation? Nicholas King finds out first hand when he revisits the ghastly town.

When Capcom first announced RE:ORC, I was struck with absolute glee. I had always longed for a co-op zombie killing experience, unlike the one that the Outbreak series offered, where you played as survivors trying to escape the ill-fated Racoon City.

With how Capcom has worked on expanding the plot for the Resident Evil (RE) series - by introducing new members to the recurring cast and enriching the game's lore - it seemed inevitable for the developers to create a new addition to the popular zombie shooter/action-adventure.

RE:ORC offers that and a little more as the game focuses on Umbrella's misdoings in Racoon City and how it contributes to the company's demise as told in subsequent RE games.

Indeed, as more news, videos and screen shots poured in I became ecstatic: an all-star, Resident Evil 'What-If' storyline - that takes place alongside the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3 - with a third-person view, four-player online co-op gameplay. Even better was the fact that, in this game, I was no longer the hunted, but the hunter.

While zombie related titles have been around since the dawn of time for videogaming, RE:ORC has the twist I had always hoped to see for the series, given its expansive take on the outbreaks.

Now that the game is out and I have clocked in more than 50 hours of gameplay, I'm going to have to say RE:ORC is a real gem that is unpolished as it is a little rough around the edges.

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