Tue, Feb 03, 2009
Asian stars making a comeback?

It is not uncommon for retired celebrities to make a comeback into the entertainment industry. Some attempts have proven futile while others have returned in full glory.

Having not appeared in any film since Lust, Caution (2007), Tang Wei is returning to the big screen in a Hong Kong romance film opposite Jacky Cheung, who has also not appeared in any film since Perhaps Love (2005).

According to my paper, Gillian Chung of Hong Kong pop group, Twins, is reportedly trying to make a comeback since the Edison Chen photo scandal, which caused seemingly irreversible damage to her career and reputation.

my paper reported that the Twins counterpart, Charlene Choi, approached their company to sign a contract in order to continue the pop group for another five years but on one condition - that the Twins will remain status quo with Gillian as one of the members.

There are also reports of Charlene seeking Andy Lau's assistance, asking him to star in a romance film with Gillian so that the latter can bank on his positive image and perhaps help her redeem her reputation.

Although it has been over a year since the scandal shook the entertainment industry, Gillian's scenes in Mei Lanfang and Hollywood film, W., were deleted, possibly due to several complaints from the public.

It looks like her attempt to return to the industry might be a challenging one.

But what about other stars who have left the industry and are attempting a comeback? Will the public be ready to accept them once again?

Brigitte Lin to work with Jay Chou?

Ever since Brigitte Lin appeared at last year's Golden Horse Awards as a special guest, there have been rumours that there could be a chance of her returning to the film industry.

The Taiwanese actress left 15 years ago but there have been rumours that she had met Wong Kar Wai recently to discuss a new film. After the meeting, she was reported to have left on a private jet to India.

Media reports say that Brigitte's purpose in India was to seek the advice of the 17th Karmpa, one of the most prominent figures in Tibetan Buddhism.

Almost two weeks ago, these rumours appeared to be true when the Taiwanese media revealed that Wong Kar Wai's new film will include top celebrities such as Brigitte Lin, Tony Leung and Jay Chou.

It is reported that Brigitte will be the leading actress in the film and her role requires her to cross-dress and enact
different personality types.

Vivian Chow faces comeback woes?

The Hong Kong singer and current husband Joe Ni's recent drama-filled series of break-ups and make-ups have been rumoured to be a farce.

According to my paper, the recent media exposure on Vivian's love life leading up to her marriage recently could be just a front to raise her popularity, as she is supposedly celebrating her 20th year in the entertainment industry this year.

Vivian was originally scheduled to hold a concert in May but due to too many incidents occurring over the past two months, it was reported that she was too tired and the concert had been cancelled.

According to her manager, Ambrose Chan, there have been no news of any cancellations:

"The concert was planned before her marriage. However, I'm not sure if she has changed her mind after the wedding.

"We will discuss this with her."

The public responded negatively to Vivian's break-up with Joe and her subsequent marriage to the cheating boyfriend.

It has also been rumoured there have also been calls to boycott her concert and products that she endorses.

It looks like Vivian's return to stardom might not be as smooth-sailing as she thought it would be.

Chen Bi Feng is coming back...quietly

Having hosted and acted on the small screen for 12 long years, Singaporean actress Chen Bi Feng has reappeared recently.

Chen, a popular lead actress in the 80s, told Lianhe Wanbao why she decided to make a comeback:

"The TV station has been requesting me to return. Previously, my kids were still young and I wasn't a star actor so it seemed quite awkward if I were to act again."

"My daughter is 12 years old now, so I guess I can act in mummy roles! Plus the new programme piqued my interest", continued Chen.

She added, laughingly: "I also wanted to make a statement to everyone that 'I'm still alive!' and doing very well."


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