Mon, Aug 31, 2009
Leon Lai and Gaile married for over a year already

Following news that Andy Lau married Carol Chu in Las Vegas in June last year, it is now fellow Heavenly King Leon Lai's turn to come under media scrutiny.

It started with Media Asia Entertainment Group boss Lin Jian Yue's revelation to the Hong Kong media yesterday.

Lin spoke to the media while attending the 13th Huabiao Film Awards ceremony in Beijing. Besides confirming that Andy Lau and Miriam Yeung had registered their marriages, he hinted that Leon Lai was married too.

According to a my paper report, he said: "Our company has another big star who is already married. Marriage is a happy matter, why should we hide it? I would like to celebrate the three nuptials together as I'm afraid it would be too costly to hold individual wedding dinners."

Meanwhile, Hong Kong reporters who had uncovered documents confirming Andy's 'secret' marriage also found out that Leon had married Gaile Le Ji Er in the US in March last year.

Leon is filming and has not returned any message left by reporters, who kept leaving him messages until his mailbox overflowed and could not take additional mail. His spokesperson also refused to return any call.

As for Gaile, her modelling agency stated that it had not heard of her marriage and that it was not company policy to stop its models from getting hitched.

Singer-actress Miriam Yeung also admits marriage

Besides confirming Andy's marriage while speaking to the press in Beijing, Lin also said that Miriam Yeung was married.

Miriam has since confirmed this.

According to my paper, she told the press that her beau had previously proposed to her twice, but she had not agreed to marriage until their Las Vegas trip in early August.

Miriam, who has been secretly dating businessman Real Ding Zi Gao for two years, registered her marriage with Ding on August 11 in Las Vegas. The relevant records were saved in Clarke County Nevada's public records in the US.

In the documents, it is clearly stated that Miriam and Real Ding registered their marriage on August 9 and were officially declared married on the 11th.

Ding is five years younger than his Hong Kong singer-actress wife.



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