Paris 'Kate Moss' show shelved for lack of funds
Wed, Sep 02, 2009

PARIS (AFP) - A Paris exhibition on the British supermodel Kate Moss set to open later this year has been shelved until 2011 for lack of funds, organisers said Tuesday.

A spokeswoman for the Museum of Decorative Arts, where the show was scheduled to run from November until April next year, said it was "looking for funding" from private donors in order for the exhibition to go ahead.

Planned together with the 34-year-old Moss, the Paris exhibit -- the first dedicated to the model in France -- was intended as a look back on her 20-year career and status as global fashion industry icon.

The Museum of Decorative Arts funds small-scale events itself, but is reliant on private patronage for fashion shows and large-scale exhibitions, its spokeswoman said.

The Kate Moss show in particular was to be fully funded by private donors






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