Wed, Nov 25, 2009
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Is Rihanna getting back at Brown?

LOS ANGELES - With Rihanna's latest album, Rated R, which was released in Singapore shops on Monday, fans are likely trying to decipher which songs are about Rihanna's relationship with Chris Brown.

While there are tracks about her former boyfriend, Rihanna wanted to make sure fans knew that she's more than just that one relationship, reported MTV News.

"This album is an expression of all those feelings that I went through in the last eight months, just different emotions," she said of the aftermath of Brown's assault, which took place in February this year.

"All of it isn't angry, all of it isn't dark and sad, because I didn't go through that the whole time. That was part of it. It was really a roller coaster, and you get that when you're listening to the album," she added.

The album, which had Rihanna hitting the studio with collaborators like Justin Timberlake, Tricky Stewart and Ne-Yo, was one of those risks. It deviates from her club-banging pop songs to a harder-edge hip-hop/pop sound, said MTV.

She added: "I really vented on this album...all of it isn't about that specific relationship or what I went through, because that's not...all of who I am."

Rated R is out in stores.

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