Andy Lau's Hollywood encounter
Mon, Feb 22, 2010
The Daily Chilli

LONG before Jackie Chan and Jet Li ventured into Hollywood, Hong Kong star Andy Lau had had the chance, reported Sina.com.cn.

The Heavenly King revealed that he signed with a Hollywood agency in 1992.

"I was a Hollywood star earlier than Jackie Chan and Jet Li. For three years, I flew to America every three months to look at movie scripts."

Apparently, no script caught his fancy throughout the years.

"I was told very clearly that even in the next10 years, there would be no more than five scripts that are about Chinese. One of the better scripts I've seen is Year of the Dragon (1985), which starred John Lone.

"I've not signed with a Hollywood agency after that. What I'm looking for is something that I enjoy doing and hopefully, manage to impress others, instead of following the trend of going Hollywood. It's not really a big deal to go Hollywood," he concluded.

The 48-year-old, who got married to longtime girlfriend Carol Chu in 2008, revealed that his daily entertainment with wifey is watching TVB series.

"I enjoy watching Stephen Chow movies. They make me laugh," he said, adding that his favourite pastime includes going bowling with friends.



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