Sammi bans Andy from proposing on stage

HONG KONG singer Andy Hui declared his love to girlfriend Cantopop singer Sammi Cheng at a major award show ten years ago and moved his girlfriend to tears.

Now that the two have reconciled after breaking up for seven years, will Andy once again declare his love publicly?

The answer, according to Sammi, is no.

The queen of Cantopop claims that she does not like the idea and thinks that it is "old-fashioned and gross", reported The Daily Chilli.

"He doesn't have to do it. I would be mad if he does. Please don't do something old-fashioned and gross like this. I would be really mad," warned Sammi, 38.

The question that is on everyone's minds is whether Andy, 43, will pop the question on stage - a move which will be the biggest dream come true for fans of the two singers.

Sorry to disappoint, but according to Sammi, it is definitely not happening.

"He knows me well. I would be extremely mad if he does that. So it's definitely not happening," she said.

Sammi is also not in a hurry to have children with Andy.

"I'm not interested in having babies. I prefer pets. But I would embrace it with an open heart if it's God's gifts for me," she said.

The diva appeared at Andy's On and On 25th Anniversary concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum recently.

Around 50 fans were waiting outside the venue, screaming her name and some calling her "Mrs Hui".