Cecilia's threatens to kill sons and herself

More "inside stories" regarding the marriage of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung have surfaced.

Hong Kong Sudden Weekly magazine reported that the actress had threatened to kill herself and the children, not once but twice.

It said the first time happened three years ago when the sex photos of her and Edison Chen were leaked to the media.

Then, Cecilia brought Lucas - the elder son - to Thailand, where Nicholas was shooting the Storm Warriors II, in April 2008.

She kneeled down in front of her husband and begged for forgiveness.

She also screamed that if Nicholas did not forgive her, she would rather die and ran towards the balcony of his hotel room carrying Lucas in her arms.

The second incident happened early this year when the actor refused to give the wife HK$50mil (S$8mil) to buy two luxury homes.

The furious Cecilia sent a test message to the husband, saying: "I will disappear with the two sons, you will regret!"

An insider said Nicholas had asked his friends if Cecilia loved him or his money.

It was reported that since they got married, Nicholas had transferred some 70 per cent of his assets to the wife, as demanded by her.

Senior entertainment reporters Eileen Cha Siu-yan, who is a close friend of the Tse family, said Nicholas had been very tolerant of Cecilia's demands for the sake of the children.

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