Edison Chen has HIV/AIDS?

Hong Kong tabloids reported in early June that actor Edison Chen had been infected with HIV/AIDS and after word spread that the playboy star had contracted the disease, many actresses were said to have panicked and hurried to the hospital for check-ups.

What's even more scandalous is that the tabloids are saying that this is the main reason behind celebrity couple Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse's impending divorce.

However, there is no credible evidence as to whether Chen has really contracted AIDS.

His broker, Gougou, told Hong Kong media that Chen would not respond to gossip.

Not only would his immediate sex partners be affected, the chart also branched out to other stars who might have been sexually involved with Chen's direct sex partners or were rumoured to be an item with those named.

Stars such as Elva Hsiao, Maggie Q, Shawn Yue, Jay Chou, and even Jackie Chan's son are listed in the chart.

Although the chart illustrated names who are only rumoured to be involved with one another, the extent to which the chart branched out illustrates the serious implications if Chen did contract AIDS.

Rumoured hanky-panky

Earlier in April, Hong Kong media reported that a TVB actor, known as "Mr Y", allegedly contracted HIV.

The bisexual veteran artiste has some box office hits under his belt and is also a singer who has expanded his career to China in recent years.

The reports also mentioned that other male actors claimed they had been sexually harassed by Mr Y. Among the alleged victims were TVB actors Vincent Wong, Benjamin Yuen and William Chak.

Despite coming forward with their allegations, they did not disclose the identity of the actor.

Cantopop singer Aaron Kwok also fell victim to rumours in October last year, when the Hong Kong media reported that he allegedly spread a sexually transmitted disease to girlfriend Lynn Hung.

After much speculation, the rumour seemed to be merely an Internet prank - Hong Kong dailies reported that an unknown person had started the talk via social networking sites.