Kiss 'n' don't tell pics catch the smooch seen around the world

The biggest scandal in celebrity circles this week was the "kiss 'n' tell" tale of actress Rose Chan, which has become known as the "Devil Claw & Wolf Kiss" scandal.

Briefly, the 19-year-old Chan and co-stars Benny Chan and Joe Ma were wrapping up filming in Hengdian, Zhejiang province, when it is alleged the two Hong Kong actors got drunk and fresh, forcing themselves on Rose Chan and gave her an unwanted kiss and hug.

Naturally, Benny Chan and Ma denied they had done anything inappropriate, but unfortunately for them there was plenty of photographic evidence of their oafish horseplay and an obviously disconcerted Rose Chan.

Hong Kong's stars unanimously came out in support of Rose Chan and the pocket-sized but impressive Eric Tsang threatened to use his kungfu skills and teach the pair a lesson.

Director Wong Jing opined that Benny Chan was like one of "those lecherous guys who molest girls on the bus".

"First, he denies it," Wong says.

"But when the photos come out, he becomes as cowardly as those shameful men."

Both Benny Chan and Ma eventually apologized for their actions, but even so, Rose Chan decided to go all the way and file a police complaint.

Sad news.

Selina Jen of the pop group SHE was so badly scarred by burns from an accident filming that she will never act again, her actress sister Kirsten says.

Kirsten said that while Selina would be returning to showbiz, she was still trying to overcome the emotional and physical distress of her injuries.

"Selina will not act after making her comeback and will focus on hosting and singing," Kirsten says, further revealing that Selina spends her time equally in physiotherapy, watching TV and taking the occasional walk with her new husband or family.

"She can walk naturally but is still unable to stand or sit for too long," Kirsten says.

Meanwhile, Taiwan celebrity sisters Barbie and Dee Hsu are facing a Sina Weibo micro blog backlash, after pictures of them as young girls were widely retweeted.

Both of the stars are Weibo VIPs and have huge followings, but would have been uncomfortable answering the questions that popped up suggesting Barbie used to have single eyelids, a shorter chin and chubby cheeks.

Dee's teeth, meanwhile, have clearly had a lot of work, and her nose appears to have changed shape and her eyes and chin seem to have had work done on them.

Plastic surgery was the key word here.

Finally, Edison Chen is singing for his supper after a second photo scandal is rumored to have ruined his business relationship with backer Peter Lam, the chairman of film production and distribution studio Media Asia Entertainment Group.

The leaked pics of him and 16-year-old Cammi Tse were said to be the straw that broke the camel's back, and Chen was spotted singing in a Guangzhou bar a week ago.

He performed for just 15 minutes, singing three songs.

Nice work if you can get it.