Andy Lau will soon be a dad

Hong Kong entertainment's Heavenly King Andy Lau will soon be a 'Heavenly Dad', reported NetEase website.

Lau, 49, made the announcement in his website on Monday at 1.50am,

Referring to his fans as his family, he said: "So now that there is 'good news' in our home, we wish to share this joy here with our family."

'Good news' or youxi is also a Chinese euphemism for pregnancy.

The superstar also said that he knew his fans had been 'silently praying' for him over rife rumours of his wife's pregnancy.

When asked by reporters in January this year on having kids, Lau said that if he ever has a baby - "be it a boy or girl - I'd like to think that I'll spoil him/her".

The actor's marriage to long-time love Malaysian Carol Chu, 45, in 2008 came to light after he was spotted attending his father-in-law's funeral at Bukit Jalil in Malaysia.

The two, who are involved in a relationship that spanned over two decades, were also sighted at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, causing a frenzy among the paparazzi.

Although an open secret in the entertainment industry, Lau's marriage was kept under wraps from the public eye for a long time.

One of the reasons why he refused to acknowledge Chu was due to threats received from triad members in the 90s, reported Lianhe Wanbao in September 2009.

For fear of her safety, Lau sent her back to Malaysia and issued a statement saying he was single and unattached.