Daniel Wu: I'm totally not a romantic person

HE'S acted as a sadistic gang member in New Police Story (2004), a hitman with a conscience in One Night In Mongkok (2004) and as a corrupt cop in Overheard (2009).

But, in real life, Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu comes across as an all-round nice guy.

Wu, 37, who married glamorous model Lisa Selesner - better known as Lisa S - in April 2010 after dating her for eight years, has nothing but sweet things to say about his Monaco-born wife.

In an e-mail interview with my paper, Wu, who was born in California, said his wife "is my everything".

"I am still busy (with work), and I am glad that my wife supports me," he added.

One character most true to Wu's real personality is perhaps the sensitive Kelvin Fong in Don't Go Breaking My Heart, which plays on Celestial Movies today.

A struggling alcoholic, Fong falls in love with Chi Yan (played by Gao Yuanyuan) but has to vie with charming playboy Sean Cheung (Louis Koo) for her affections.

So, what similarities does Wu share with his character in the film? He said that he is someone who is "very focused on my work, and I let someone I love feel my genuine love".

But, unlike his character, he is "totally not a romantic person", he admitted.

And he is nothing like the Casanova portrayed by Koo as his onscreen rival, too.

But he wins in one area.

"My approach to love is towards nurturing a healthy relationship. The most important thing between a husband and wife is communication," he said.

In a recent interview with The Straits Times, Hong Kong director Gordon Chan said that Wu is one of the possible successors to Hong Kong greats like Jet Li and Andy Lau.

He said that Wu, along with Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse and Chinese actor Deng Chao, are hardworking and "give you 100 per cent on the set".

"A good actor must not only have strong performance skills, but also be of good character", he said.

Wu, who told my paper he loves being an actor too much to think about retiring, was obviously pleased with the compliment.

He said that, in the future, he may not have what he has now, adding:"I will cherish each opportunity and do my best for my passion and the people who believe in me."

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