'Kate effect' doesn't fit all

HAVING the Duchess of Cambridge wear your product might be considered to be the ultimate endorsement for a designer.

When she wore a £310 (S$620) black velvet coat by Libélula to the wedding of her and Prince William's friends Sarah Stourton and Harry Aubrey-Fletcher in January last year, it sold out in hours, reported The Daily Mail last June.

The coat had a waiting list of 300 before you could say ker-ching.

But British jeweller Links of London thinks otherwise.

The retailer claimed the association to the duchess has led to a loss of around £8.2m in revenue over the past year.

The duchess wore their £275 topaz Hope earrings for her official engagement photos with Prince William.

But now, Links of London has fallen victim to hundreds of websites selling counterfeit copies of its products, reported The (London) Sunday Times.

Ms Caroline Rolfe, Links of London's head of online, said: "The counterfeiters were a lot cleverer than we were at the time of (the duchess') wedding.

"We didn't have that much stock, so we started to sell out quite quickly... The counterfeiters took advantage of that by saying they had stock and people were duped into buying them."

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