Then, think about what the dog's needs are. The answer is, exercise, discipline, and then affection. Start practising this as soon as you sign the papers. Don't go into the whole affection thing, hugging the dog, trying to win its heart first.

Let it know what the rules, boundaries and limitations are. That way, the dog has a sense of direction. That will take a load off its shoulders. The dog will feel like it belongs.

Your show isn't really just about dogs, is it?

To me, a dog is a vehicle. You can put people of different religions - a Christian, a Catholic, a Jewish person - together, then throw a dog into the room. They won't be arguing - they'll be talking about the dog.

Dogs can create communication. Communication brings about the ability to have a relationship. My show shows dogs with aggression, fear and anxiety. That's created by humans. A dog is just mirroring the energy of the environment it lives in. I hope that my show can present what we are creating, and what we can create in our world.

You're right, my show isn't just about dealing with dogs, it is about showing people how we live our lives.

  • The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan (S5) airs on Wednesdays at 10pm on National Geographic Channel (StarHub Ch 411).
  • Tickets to Cesar Millan Live in Singapore on June 2 and 3 at Marina Bay Sands start at $80. Visit Sistic (www.sistic. to buy tickets.

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