Actress needs sperm donor - Caucasian preferred

SINGAPORE - For most Singaporean women, the thought of conception through an anonymous sperm donation elicits negative connotations.

But what if you were in your 40s, single, and just couldn't ignore any longer that loud ticking of your biological clock?

Three local celebrity women - actress Michelle Tay, singer-host Liu Ling Ling and 100.3 DJ Limei - opened up about heading to the sperm bank as a last resort.

Big family girl

For Tay, 42, who never had a boyfriend, the desire to have kids stems from the fact that she comes from a big family.

Tay told The New Paper, with a laugh: "I would love to have three kids and I don't mind what people say about me going to a sperm donor as there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a single mum.

"I'm not afraid of pregnancy. With my weight, it feels like I'm carrying around a baby every day anyway," she added.

The happy-go-lucky plus-sized comedienne weighs 90kg and is 1.46m tall.

"I think that a mixed-blood kid would be really cute so I guess I would prefer a Caucasian sperm donor," she said.

"But most importantly, if I could choose, I would want the genes of a man who has a good temper as I want my child to be good-tempered."

She admitted: "Of course the ideal thing is for me to meet someone, get married and have children the natural way. I'm giving myself till the end of this year and I will try my best to meet more people."

Tay prefers to hang out at home as she's very close to her family, especially to her two younger (and also single) sisters.

"We work and play together. So I guess with all the love, there has never been really a need to get out there."

Raising her kids as a single mum doesn't worry Tay as she's confident that her supportive family would be there every step of the way.

Tay, who has been in the local Chinese entertainment industry for the past 13 years, is a part-time actress who is an accountant in her family's office furniture business.

TV addicts will remember her in Channel U dramas Perfect Cut (2008) and Perfect Cut 2 (2009) where she played actor Julian Hee's squeeze.

Tay will also be appearing in upcoming Channel 8 drama Absolutely Perfect.

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