On being a single mum, she said: "You need to make up your own mind and once you have made your decision, you shouldn't let what others say affect you.

"As a singer, if I was affected by all the criticism like 'that costume is so ugly', I would never have made it on stage.

"We (single women) want to have a baby and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I'm aware of the risks (of giving birth past 40) but I will go ahead anyway because I really want a child.

"I'm sure that the sperm bank will find a good donor for me."

Last resort

Unlike Tay and Liu, 100.3 DJ Limei (pictured above) said that the sperm bank would be a last resort and even then "talking is a lot easier than doing".

The host of the popular morning drivetime show Don't Give A Damn (week days 6am to 10am) broke up with her boyfriend of eight months just last month.

She admitted that she thought he could be The One.

DJ Limei, in her early 40s, told The New Paper: "To me, it's ideal for a woman to have children, it's what completes a woman and it's not advisable for a woman to give birth late in life.

"But there's still plenty of social stigma tied to visiting the sperm bank. For example I can imagine one's parents going 'you can't find a good man ah?'.

"I don't mind it but it's not something I would purposely seek out.

"Actually I have many good-looking gay friends who have offered to be sperm donors. But I want to try to find my own happiness first."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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