Adam Chen enjoyed vibrancy of Las Vegas and Los Angeles

Adam Chen with a friend outside the Bellagio hotel and casino.

From sun-soaked streets to the glamorous casino strip, it was a tale of two cities.

MediaCorp actor Adam Chen, 36, experienced an "enlightening" trip when he flew to Las Vegas and Los Angeles with his friends over 12 days last December.

Chen, who's currently filming a TV drama across the Causeway, told The New Paper: "I went to the US to get ideas for a couple of business concepts that I'd been considering.

"Los Angeles has a very strong cafe culture, which is why I chose to go down many of LA's small streets to look for interesting cafes."

He added: "The cafes take their business very seriously, and I was thinking that we could profitably learn a lot from them."

Chen was amazed that the baristas even took time to roast coffee beans properly.

Higher service standards

He was also impressed by the "higher" standards of service and "really warm and friendly staff".

Besides checking out the cafe scene, Chen also discovered the plethora of shopping opportunities available throughout the City of Angels.

"One place I really liked was Santee Alley in Downtown LA. It resembles the Bugis Street market area in Singapore, only that it's three or four times larger.

"It's a very affordable fashion mecca. A pair of leather boots would cost about S$28, while a similar pair would probably cost you more than $100 back home.

Chen added: "The prices at the Citadel Malls outlet mall we went to are almost 50 per cent cheaper than in Singapore - it's like shopping in Johor Baru.

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