Lady Gaga stays holed up in Seoul hotel room

SEOUL - Lady Gaga who kicks off her world tour at Olympic Stadium in Seoul this Friday is holed up in her hotel room, not showing up anywhere around the city, contrary to her active personality.

Two Korean bodyguards were seen talking this morning by The Korea Herald about how Lady Gaga is unable to get up in the morning.

In the lobby of a hotel in Gangnam, they talked about how Lady Gaga is suffering from a jet lag, getting up at 1am and going back to sleep during the breakfast hours.

She looked hungry by the time she woke up later in the morning.

The star tweeted about her jet lag on Monday, saying, "Jet lag last night was like bad shrooms. When my dad asked what that meant, I told him it's like being in a musical you don't want to be in."

The star arrived in Seoul Friday night via her private jet, a week before she kicks off her 2012-13 world tour on April 27.

It is unusual for a high-profile entertainer to visit a foreign country a week before a show.

The 26-year-old artist seems to be anxious and busy preparing for her concert as she declined to attend any media interviews or hold a news conference.

A PR official from Live Nation Korea confirmed that Lady Gaga won't hold any press conferences or interviews here.

Meanwhile, at 1.55pm this afternoon, the artist confirmed that she is still in her hotel room exercising.

"I just had a major Jane Fonda moment in my hotel room. Some sort of Asian aerobic fusion dance to techno music," she wrote on her Twitter.

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