All decked out for floral-themed Icon ball

SINGAPORE - All of us rose.

To toast Icon, the magazine of beauty and sophistication, on its seventh birthday.

To celebrate the women's monthly as it grows from infancy to powerhouse, Shangri-La Hotel's Island Ballroom was turned into - I beg your pardon - a rose garden.

Icon did not promise you a rose garden, but one such arose.

The indefatigable women who are the root - and stem and branch, some may say a thorn - of the glossies, showed up in their rosy best for Le Bal De Rose (Rose Ball) on Tuesday.

From a week ("for VVIP") to three to six months, that's how long it takes to turn a flowering girl into a blooming beauty in her tailored gown, one dress designer told The New Paper.

And it costs anything from $800 to well into the thousands, and there's customised couture brought in by the boutiques.

Of the 30 tables, named after flowers, nine were VIPs, "meaning Icon's top clients", said a magazine staffer.

The seating plan was "challenging", but the themes were many.

This year's rose ball idea spouts from the "It" runway collections of the season, all floral.

The scented night saw musical performances (they did not play Rose Garden), a Shanghai Tang fashion show and the Top 10 best-dressed ladies, on top of an excellent menu.

At the risk of it being a thorny issue with you, we picked our bunch.

An English rose (Mrs Peggy Jeffs in a fascinator by the very same hat-maker from the royal Wills & Kate wedding), an Ikebana rose (Mrs Linda Soo-Tan, who heads Ikebana society here, in a Renee L), the best-selling roses, yellow and red (Mrs Celeste Basapa in Frederick Lee and Ms Saskia Joosse, a former international model, in her mother Lady Kyra Baez-Martell's design) and long-stemmed roses (Mrs Rany Moran in Prabal Gurung and Ms Marie Choo who stood out "in something different")

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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