Give me gadgets, not diamonds

Pamelyn Chee has built her life around her gadgets and apps.

The local actress and Fly Entertainment artist, who is in her 20s, told The New Paper: "I'm no technology snob.

"Unlike others who might use, say, their iPhone for everything, I believe in having a specific tool for each purpose.

"Other girls might love flowers and diamonds, but I tell my friends, if you want to get me something nice, get me a gadget I can play with."

Retro Camera app for the iPhone

Chee's love affair with photography began in 2004, when she had a short stint working as a graphic designer and photographer's assistant in NewYork City.

She said: "I've now become the unofficial on-set photographer on many of my productions, especially since there's always a lot of waiting in filming.

"I've been using Retro Camera on my iPhone for about three years now and it allows me to view and edit my pictures without having to rely on a computer.

"Honestly, who wants to lug a DSLR around all the time? With Retro Camera, the iPhone is fully capable of taking great pictures and making nice tweaks.

"The harder you try to make a picture special, the worse it turns out. Just relax and shoot and it'll turn out just right."

Motorola Atrix smartphone with Lapdock

Chee also uses her Motorola Atrix smartphone and its Lapdock, which functions as an ultra-slim docking station with a laptop screen, when she's not involved in a shoot.

She said: "I often read The Straits Times and The New York Times news apps.

"My shopping apps like Gilt Groupe and HauteLook also help alert me to sales, which is great for snagging bargains.

"I spend more time on shopping apps looking for clothes than in real-life stores."

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer

Chee loves her BlackBerry PlayBook.

She said: "It's very helpful in displaying my cue cards when I'm hosting events.

"I also use my PlayBook to read my English scripts. Unfortunately, it can't display Chinese characters, so I have to rely on good old-fashioned paper for that," she said with a laugh.

Flip Video Mino HD camcorder

The palm-sized Flip Video Mino HD camcorder is Chee's "collector's item", especially now that it is no longer inproduction.

She said: "Luckily, I managed to get it about two years ago, and it's a great pity that they don't make it any more.

"It's so useful. I can record anything interesting on the go and view it immediately. The controls are also very intuitive and virtually idiot-proof.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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