One person who didn't expect to become part of the spectacle was TV host Oli Pettigrew.

The 30-year-old Brit was cajoled by his friends to go up on stage and perform a few pole dance moves during the intermission, and he gamely took off his shirt to show his ripped physique.

He said jokingly to his friends in the crowd, who were hooting with laughter: "I hate all of you so much!"

Pettigrew's performance prompted Leong to give him a standing ovation and present him with a bottle of champagne.

Leong said jokingly afterward: "He's a natural and should take up pole dancing!"

For his part, Pettigrew - who's married to US model Linda Black, with whom he has a son and foster daughter - was more modest.

He said with a bashful grin: "The show I put on tonight was somewhere between illegal and awful. "I'm happy the audience really loved it though, judging by their applause. At least I gave my friends a good laugh in the end!"

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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