Cameo Kings

Johnny Depp became an instant heart-throb playing Officer Tom Hanson on the 21 Jump Street TV series more than 20 years ago.

So would a movie reboot without the man himself be complete? No way.

Depp makes a light-hearted cameo in the new movie, but we're not telling you where, what, when and how he shows up on screen. What we can say is the big reveal ends up being a neat and totally unexpected surprise.

The actor joins other famous faces in stealing the movie with their cameos.

Michael Jackson in Men In Black II (2002)

The late King of Pop reportedly was so blown away by the first Men In Black movie that he lobbied for a role in the sequel. So there he was as an alien who yearns to be an agent with the Men In Black.

While his appearance only lasted a few seconds, it kick-started the tradition of having pop-star cameos in the series.The upcoming Men In Black III - opening on May24 - will see Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber playing visitors from outer space.

Bill Murray in Zombieland (2009)

His cameo was heavily speculated and despite being kept under wraps, the secret was leaked out and boy, what a cameo it was.

Murray played himself, pretended to be a zombie and served up nostalgic Ghostbusters goodness. Best line? His response when asked about his regret. "Garfield, maybe?"

Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder (2008)

He was bald, had a big gut and a bad temper. Yes, we're talking about Cruise's movie-exec alter-ego Les Grossman. He stole the thunder despite hiding under the prosthetics, a wig and a jungle of chest hair - and sporting a foul mouth. Talk about against-the-grain casting. Hilarious and absolutely brilliant!

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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