Edison Chen takes photo with Mama Gaga

Edison pulls a long face after Lady Gaga refused to meet him (right).

HONG KONG - Edison Chen became the joke of Hong Kong after he was given the cold shoulder treatment by Lady Gaga.

The singer-actor had two years ago claimed to be a friend of Mother Monster when he uploaded a photo taken with her online.

So when "his friend" was in the Special Administrative Region for her concert tour, Edison wanted to meet her.

On April 29, Edison went to the hotel where Lady Gaga was staying at the presidential suite to pay her a visit.

But just eight minutes later, he left the hotel with a long face and refused to answer any questions posed by the media.

It was reported that Lady Gaga had refused to meet him.

Embarrassed by the incident, Edison turned to the mother of Lady Gaga to salvage his reputation.

On Wednesday, he uploaded a photo of himself and Mama Gaga online to show that he was "not just an ordinary fan".

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