Actress Scha Al-Yahya wants to have 3 kids

MALAYSIA - Actress Scha Al-Yahya, who married actor and television host Ahmad Awaluddin Ashaari yesterday, wants to have three children.

The 29-year-old Scha, whose full name is Sharifah Nor Azean Syed Mahadzir Al-Yahya, told Kosmo! that they did not have a pregnancy plan but wished to have a child soon.

The actress married Ahmad Awaluddin, 31, who is better known as Awal Ashaari, in an akad nikah ceremony at Pullman Hotel in Putrajaya.

The celebrity couple will spend 10 days in New York for their honeymoon. Awal said their wedding had received various sponsorships.

"For example, when we were negotiating the price of a kain songket, the boutique owner unexpectedly said she would sponsor the garment for us. This is a rezeki (blessing) that we could not refuse," said the bridegroom.

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