Will Smith gets 'jiggy wit it' in Seoul

SEOUL - As one of Hollywood's top actors, it comes as no surprise that Will Smith can instantly turn a crowd of stern reporters into laughing fans during a press conference in Seoul on Monday.

Once voted Hollywood's most powerful actor, Smith is once again stepping into the comical and familiar shoes of Agent J in his upcoming sequel "Men In Black 3."

Before the conference even started at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Smith's unmistakable shouts could be heard from behind the curtains, instantly inciting giggles.

Smith also charmed photographers with his "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" fun-loving and carefree style, striking poses and refusing to sit down.

And even after the actor finally sat down for the conference, a smile never left his face.

"Playing a character three times for me feels like home," Smith told reporters, promoting the only trilogy he has ever made.

The latest black-suited, dark-shaded, bad-memory-erasing flick comes ten years after its last sequel release, which was also the last time Smith visited Korea.

"So for me coming back to something that I know is warm and it's like a family reunion," he said, reminding the crowd that this is his first movie in four years.

And according to the 43-year-old actor, Korea was chosen for the world premiere for the movie because Korea is "blowing up and popping," as a movie market.

The premiere took place at Times Square in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul, Monday evening.

Smith's comments are backed up by the fact that the movie is slated to be released on May 24 in Korea, a day earlier than the US.

And according to director Barry Sonnenfeld, who accompanied Smith along with co-star Josh Brolin, the latest time-traveling movie will have "more action, more aliens, more comedy and more heart."

In "Men In Black 3," Smith's character travels back in time to meet a younger version of his longtime co-star Tommy Lee Jones, who is portrayed by Brolin.

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