'Internet Ah Moi' stars in comedy

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - Malaysian actress Sarah Lian is in a 10-episode online comedy series, called Mister French Taste.

Sarah, who is based in Toronto, Canada, told The Daily Chilli: "I play a sexy shopaholic, who is the love interest of the main characters. It has been a while since I explored comedy and this cross-cultural story is guaranteed to hit the funny bone."

Mister French Taste is filmed in Hong Kong and revolves around an uppity French etiquette coach, played by actor Olivier Malet, who fancies Sarah's character Lily Lee.

The three-minute webisodes can be seen on Koldcast TV.

Sarah is gaining more international exposure since leaving Kuala Lumpur six months ago.

She was cast in Cybergeddon, an online crime drama created by Anthony Zulker of CSI fame. It deals with cyber crimes.

"I play a character named Blue. She's a hacker-type and has a very edgy look," she said.

Cybergeddon will premiere on Yahoo! in September and stars Olivier Martinez, the French actor who starred in Unfaithful, and who is also engaged to Halle Berry.

But Sarah's international acting accomplishments do not stop there.

She is preparing for the release of a film produced in Hong Kong titled Jasmine, a "psychological thriller about a man seeking to find out more about his wife's murder".

Written and helmed by Hollywood-based director Dax Phelan, the film is currently in post-production and is expected to be ready for the film festival circuit soon.

"I play Anna, an actress that the lead character is obsessed with. The director hasn't scheduled a release date yet but we expect to be invited by the Sundance Film Festival next year, hopefully," she said.

Jasmine stars Jason Tobin (The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift), Eugenia Yuan (Memoirs of a Geisha), Glen Chin and Byron Mann.

For those who need a reminder, Sarah was the "Internet Ah Moi" providing online licence renewals in the 2010 MyEG TV infomercial which created quite a buzz.

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