Flying Dutchman suffers heart attack

SINGAPORE - Early Sunday morning, he felt sharp pains in his chest.

An ambulance was called, and when he arrived at the hospital, a check revealed that the Flying Dutchman (or FD as he is fondly called) had had a heart attack.

The popular Class 95FM deejay, whose real name is Mark van Cuylenburg, then underwent surgery to have a coronary stent inserted. A coronary stent is a tube placed in the coronary arteries, blood vessels that feed the heart, to keep them open.

The Morning Express show on Class 95, which van Cuylenburg, 56, co-hosts with deejays Glenn Ong and Vernetta Lopez, will go on with the remaining pair at the helm.

Ong, 42, who has worked with van Cuylenburg for the last decade, said: "One thing that you have to know about FD is that he's a really hardworking guy. I liken him to an Energizer bunny who just doesn't know when to stop.

"I've been trying to sell him my way of life for the longest time, which is to just chill. "You can have all the money in the world but there's no point if you don't have your health.

"He's a tough guy and I'm confident he'll make a full recovery."

Ong added in jest: "We will miss him as now we'll have to do extra work. I was thinking, darn, now I have to do traffic (updates)."

Ong said he learnt of van Cuylenburg's condition around 10am yesterday.

He said: "I communicated with his wife through SMS after they had put the stent in and was glad to know that he was feeling much better.

"I told his wife that when he's ready for visitors to let me and Vernetta know. We haven't spoken to him yet but will likely visit him in the next few days.

"It's so fortunate that when he had chest pains, they (the ambulance) got to him in time."

Apart from radio shows, van Cuylenburg runs his own entertainment company, The Flying Dutchman, and wedding planning outfit The Wedding Entourage.

According to Ong, in the 10 years that he has worked with van Cuylenburg, the only health complaint he has heard from the latter was the occasional backache.

Said Ong: "That's why people have to go for a full physical, especially when they hit a certain age and are leading a hectic lifestyle.

"I did mine two years ago, when I turned 40. FD loves his food but I'm sure his wife will moderate that."

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