Felicia Chin finds Singapore men shallow

SINGAPORE - Channel 8's most popular, attractive and eligible female celebs like Jeanette Aw and Joanne Peh are already off the market and in stable long-term relationships with foreign men.

And even though local actress Felicia Chin hasn't followed suit - yet - she has taken to the April issue of Chinese women's magazine Nuyou to boldly critique local guys.

In the column Chatroom, the 27-year-old former MediaCorp artiste wrote: "There are no good men left in Singapore. Is that true? The girls around me all have this 'complaint' these days...

"Singapore men lack quality. Maybe they've been too well-taken care of, it's as if they lack something. It's hard to find mature and steady men of the olden days like my father."

Chin, who has one more year of studies before she gets her business degree from the National University of Singapore then asked if there are any readers who object to what she wrote.

The New Paper met her last Thursday at the lensing ceremony for her new Channel 8 drama Don't Stop Believin', in which she plays a passionate teacher in a secondary school with the worst academic results.

The drama also stars Elvin Ng, Ian Fang, Edwin Goh and Kimberly Chia.

Chin said that she feels the local men she has met so far are generally as she described, and only a minority of her male friends are otherwise.

Though her comments are based mostly on what she heard from her female friends, some are her own observations.

She continued: "I think it's got something to do with our education system.

"We learn a lot by heart and focus too much on our studies. We spend little time honing other skills and on our inner self.

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