Actress says she's not responsible for actor's divorce

Kosmo Ahad! reported that popular actress Nora Danish had refuted claims that she was responsible for actor Adi Putra's decision to divorce his wife Aida Yusoff.

"Adi and I only have contact during work. We never go out or meet after work.

"We have also never spoken about personal issues and Adi does not like to talk about his marital problems with me.

"Please do not link me with this just because I am a single mother.

"I am sad with what has happened," Nora told the daily.

Adi, 31, had reportedly filed for divorce from Aida on May 10, two days after he returned from performing his umrah in Mecca.

Nora told the daily that she was shocked by Adi's decision as the couple did not show any sign of marital problems.

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