"Finding or making good music to share with others is a great way to relieve worry and stress. I never feel tired by doing music," he said.

Outdoor dance fest

He said he also enjoyed his first outing here in June last year, when he spun at the outdoor dance festival, MoveMove Singapore.

To commemorate his return to our shores, Unjin gave out free copies of his Club Ellui special world tour CD, entitled Unjin - Welcome to Seoul Underground (Original & Remix), to clubbers at Zouk on May 19.

Though Unjin eschews traditional turntables and CD decks in favour of USB flash drives and (music software) Bolton Live and Tractor Pro, he insists that the "old-school" touch of playing by ear is key to DJ-ing.

And the crowds are rolling in at Club Ellui.

Unjin said: "It's been only a year since it opened, but it pulls in thousands of clubbers even on weekday nights. Our entire crew has been playing every weekday."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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