'I use my brains, not my fists'

Taiwanese actor Chen Bo-lin was recently in the news after the paparazzi there caught him out and about with a pretty Caucasian model.

But unlike Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou, his co-star in action film Kungfu Dunk, 28-year-old Chen remains cool about the paparazzi.

"I don't bother with them. I just let them take the photos. I only hope they publish the better-looking ones!" he told The New Paper recently over the phone from Taiwan.

In April, actor-singer Chou reportedly got into a public scuffle with the Taiwanese paparazzi after they snapped photos of him and model girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan leaving a restaurant.

Chen added he is used to such attention after a decade in showbiz.

"I just let them ask questions (about my private life). I don't answer them.

"Paparazzi do what paparazzi do. It's a job. It's just whether the things they do help society."

But no matter how blase he is about it, Chen said he has his limits: Don't hurt his family and friends.He won't ever get violent either, he claimed.

"I use my brain and strategise, I don't use my fists. I want to solve problems without injuring anyone. Most people are not worth the while for me to fight with," he maintained.

We asked: Does that include the paparazzi?

"Yes, I don't even want to touch them," Chen said.

The star of movies like Blue Gate Crossing (2002) and Kungfu Dunk (2008) was speaking to the local media to promote his latest film, Snowfall In Taipei.

Although it made its debut at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2009, it was released in cinemas in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong only in the past few months.

It opens here on Thursday.

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