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Shawne Koh's cover of I Won't Give Up.

Shawne Koh, 23, undergraduate at a private university - cover of I Won't Give Up

"The music scene on YouTube is booming. I like covering songs and hopefully, I'll get my big break on YouTube someday too."

Joshua Hoe, 23, final-year medical student at National University of Singapore - cover of Geek In The Pink

"It's great to know we're in the Top 10, because Yufang (the other half of the duo) has an exceptional voice - she deserves to win something."

Kamsari Jalil, 46, forklift operator - cover of Geek In The Pink

"Actually, it wasn't my intention to have my six-year-old son appear in my video. While I'm not professionally trained, music has always been my hobby, and I love listening to my own voice."

"Energetic cover...That kid needs his own show." - Local band 53A frontwoman Sara Wee, one of the judges of the cover contest

Geraldine Quek, 19, first-year undergraduate at the Singapore University of Technology and Design - cover of Lucky

"I'm actually very surprised to be in the Top 10 as my schoolmate Jin Kai - who appears in the video with me - and I just met this April. We've only jammed twice prior to recording this video, but now, we try to make it a point to meet once a week."

"They're singing it too straight. It needs to have more syncopation and swing...It's not a Jason Mraz song if it's just crotchets (a musical note with a certain time value) all the way." - SaraWee

Eusebius Chin, 19, private school student - cover of I Won't Give Up

"For this contest, I was rather well-prepared, but I'm still pretty surprised to make it to the Top 10."

"Gorgeous voice, was really looking forward to him singing the higher octave on the chorus, disappointed when he didn't." - Sara Wee

Gan Zhang Xun, 15, Secondary 3 student - cover of Live High

"I know I wasn't very expressive in the video, but when it's just me and the camera, I feel a little awkward."

"Such a sweet voice! Lacking in energy, but overall a good cover." - SaraWee

AhmadZulfikar, 16, Secondary 4 student - cover of Mr. Curiosity

"Wow, I'm really surprised to be in the Top 10! When I recorded this song, I wasn't quite prepared, it was more spontaneous than anything else."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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