Fans of AKB48 singer want to sue her for fraud

BARELY two weeks after Rino Sashihara (centre) placed fourth in votes by fans in the Japanese girl group AKB48's general election on June 6, she was relegated to their less-popular sister group, HKT48, allegedly because of a scandal.

A man claiming to be her ex-boyfriend spoke to a Japanese magazine about their romance. He also released a photo Sashihara allegedly took of herself baring her breasts.

Sashihara, who told fans she would never go on a date, denied the romance. But, on Tuesday, unaware that a secret camera was turned on her, she admitted to the relationship during a private conversation with the host of a Japanese TV show.

Her fans are now furious she had lied to them, calling it a betrayal. Emotions ran so high that some said they want to sue her for fraud.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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