Wu: My $1.6m home 'reward'

It's odd how Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu still clams up at the mention of her boyfriend's name.

Not that her relationship with actor Bosco Wong is any secret.

But Wu, 32, who was also in town to promote the StarHub TVB Awards, in which she is nominated for My Favourite TVB Actress, My Favourite Female TV Character and My Favourite On Screen Couple with Kevin Cheng, is all coy about Wong.

She said with a laugh: "I really don't wish to discuss that aspect of my life... actually I'd prefer to talk about my job, which is actually quite interesting, you know.

"And no, there are really no plans for a wedding anytime soon. I'd like to focus on my career now."

A career that is beginning to soar after she was named Best Actress for Curse Of The Royal Harem and Best-Liked Female Character for Ghetto Justice.

Other than the increase in product endorsements, event appearances and more mainland dramas, Wu also earned herself a spot - No. 69 - in the 2012 Forbes China Celebrity 100 List.

She said: "I never expected to make it to the list... but I must say, I was also lucky that I have been getting good roles and more opportunities now."

Wu hopes that she can include more mainland China work in the coming year.

She said : "Other than the exposure, the money is really good."

And proof of that is her ability to pay for a HK$10 million ($1.6 million) dream home.

She said: "Ah yes, that was a reward for myself for all the hard work.

"But the reports that said I could afford to buy the home after just two shows were exaggerated."

Wu said: "What I said was, thank goodness for the two shows, along with my hard-earned savings, I was able to buy the home. But somehow, the report didn't turn out that way and it made me sound really arrogant."

Now that she can pick her roles, Wu hopes to cut down on "the torture" of comedies, like Wish And Switch, about a housewife who exchanges identities with another woman.

Wu, who had several scenes in a bath-tub, developed an allergy and had rashes all over her body while filming because the "tub on the set wasn't very clean".

Wish And Switch premieres on July 19, on Ch855 (VV Drama) and is also available now on Ch880 (TVB dramas OnDemand).

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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