Top Korean actors say they are dating

SOUTH KOREA - Hallyu stars Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung admitted on Sunday that they have been dating since early this year. The two celebrities said they are in a "serious relationship" but denied rumours that they are getting married in November.

"I found someone I want to be with. Now she (Lee Min-jung) has become the most important person for me and I want to take this relationship seriously," the 42-year-old actor wrote on his official website.

The 30-year-old actress also said, "I want to tell all of you that we are dating as lovers."

The two have been denying rumours that they have been dating and that their wedding is imminent. However, speculation of the two being involved in a romantic relationship went on as they were spotted having dinner together.

Rumours of the two getting married spread quickly after an industry insider revealed that the two have recently visited a hanbok shop to tailor Korean traditional clothes to get married in November.

"We feel sorry that we were not able to tell the truth but feel responsible to tell our fans first about our relationship," the actor said.

Lee said that he first met the actress accompanied by his friends many years ago and have exchanging messages since then. "Early this year, we met again in a casual meeting and carefully started to build a relationship," the actor said.

The actress also apologised to her fans of denying the relationship and said she wanted to tell them after she felt secure and was assured of her romantic relationship with Lee. But she maintained a firm "No" to wedding rumours.

"The November wedding is a false report. We are not doing anything about it," she added.

The actor has been in the international spotlight since he took a supporting role of the herioic "Storm Shadow" in the recent "G. I. Joe" Hollywood action film series. He recently filmed his first period drama "King of Joseon," which is slated to be released in late fall.

The actress rose to stardom with the supporting role in the popular teenage drama "Boys over Flowers" in 2008.

She took a leading role in her first romantic comedy "Cyrano Agency" in 2010 and also starred in another romantic comedy film "Wonderful Radio" in 2012. She recently starred in the KBS TV drama "Big," which ended in late July.

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