Oli Pettigrew: From flab to fab

SINGAPORE - DON'T call Oli Pettigrew roly-poly.

The once "doughy" TV host had recently transformed into a well-chiselled hunk in a matter of eight weeks.

For the longest time, Pettigrew's dream was to front his first magazine cover on Men's Health (Singapore).

So the Hong Kong-born British former model approached the men's magazine a few months ago and made them an offer they couldn't resist.

Pettigrew, 31, told The New Paper: "I asked them if they would feature me on their cover if I lost all the weight and attained a smashing body.

"They agreed, so I started training for it end of June and made it for this month's (October) cover.

"For the Men's Health picture, the only thing they had to do was to use spray tan on me as I'm very pale, but there was no digital imaging done.

"I remember that the only other time I did a shirtless shoot was back in 2003 for Female magazine."

He is so happy with his new physique that he did a photoshoot with his wife's best friend Zurina Bryant, a day before his Men's Health shoot.

Pettigrew married US model-TV host Linda Black, 37, in 2006.

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