World acclaimed hip hop DJs to heat up Asia's dancefloors

SINGAPORE - Hip hop lovers, listen up! Three more legendary hip hop DJs will be coming to Asia this November for another amazing party.

Following the first region-wide tour of its caliber that happened in August, the Breathe and Stop tour by adidas and Matteblacc is back again, and this time it is called the Laced Up tour.

This party will feature three of the world's most critically acclaimed DJs, namely DJ Tony Touch from New York's Rocksteady Crew, Apollo from San Francisco's Invisibl Skratch Piklz and Triple Threat DJs, and Vinroc from San Francisco's 5th Platoon and Triple Threat DJs.

They will be heating up the dancefloors starting in Singapore on Nov 15, then to Kuala Lumpur on Nov 16, Saigon on Nov 17, Manila on Nov 22, Jakarta on Nov 23, and ending off in Bangkok on Nov 24.

Armed and ready with a diverse selection of quality hip hop, soul, funk, and reggae, they are set to amaze audiences with blistering world champion level technical skills and unparelled musicality in their first tour of Asia together.

The tour will also feature the Breathe And Stop Champion Dance Crew from each region in an exclusive showcase performance.

For the first time, the Breathe And Stop Cypher One Battle will see 15 of the best dancers in each city battle it out till one winner reigns supreme demonstrating their flavour, musicality, style, stamina, and skillfulness over at least three different genres of music.

Along with the Heavy Boogie crew, top local talent from around the region as well as breathtaking live visuals from Scratch media, this will be a non-stop party rocking extravaganza is not to be missed.

The party in Singapore will be held at Butter Factory on Nov 15. Tickets are $30. More details can be found here:

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