We should have our own Chinese Style: Jay Chou

If the Chinese music industry had to send one representative to counter the global triumph of K-pop, Jay Chou would be the perfect man for the job.

The 33-year-old Taiwanese superstar isn't dubbed the King of Mandopop for nothing.

Not only are all his 11 albums chart-toppers, he never has problems packing in the crowds at his high-octane live concerts.

Local fans should know.

In September, Chou single-handedly attracted 35,000 people for his headlining performance at the SingTel Singapore Formula One Grand Prix at the Padang.

There's no denying that the current Hallyu wave throws up one of the stiffest challenges ever for Mandopop.

Can anyone turn the tables on K-pop?

LOUD believes the star of The Green Hornet is up for the task, what with his influence and revered status in showbiz circles.

When Director Chou (his nickname among peers and the media) speaks, people sit up and listen.

On Dec 2, at the Baidu Music 10th Anniversary Awards in Beijing, the enigmatic multi-hyphenate who sings, acts, directs films and writes his own songs, among other things, spoke up publicly for the first time about the Gangnam Style craze, rallying his fellow Mandopop musicians to put up a united front against the Korean phenomenon.

"The Korean wave is extremely strong now, but let's not allow K-pop to overtake us, as Chinese music is very 'diao' (Taiwanese slang for cool and extraordinary) too," he told reporters backstage, after bagging a slew of accolades, including Male Singer of the Decade and Music Leader of the Decade.

"All of us artistes should come together and stop doing the Gangnam Style... We should have our own 'Chinese style'."

Mandopop king Jay Chou, Maroon 5 and Bananarama wow at F1 concert
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